Since 1983, Clipper Magazine® has been–and remains–the leader in local advertising. Dedicated to winning–and keeping–local and regional consumers, we are accomplished at assisting businesses with their advertising needs while setting the industry success standards.


Because it’s a magazine, Clipper Magazine® is treated like one. Consumers return to it and read it repeatedly. In fact, its shelf life lasts six to eight weeks in the home. That gives your message repeat exposure and more time to generate responses. Couple that with a digital advertising campaign and you can sustain the relationship with your customers in between printings.

Each edition of Clipper Magazine® features beautiful, professionally designed ads cover to cover. They draw the consumer in, make the sale, spur the desired action. And they’re made all the more effective by our distinctive, easy-to-use magazine format. Our magazine format and direct-mail delivery mechanism give your message the impact of a solo mailer. And do it for pennies per household. Face it: American consumers have less and less free time. They can’t bother wading through newspaper page after newspaper page looking for bargains. On the other hand, Clipper Magazine® gives them everything they want quickly, efficiently, at a glance.

87 percent read our magazine one or more times

Read our magazine one or more times**

66 percent consider our magazines their main coupon source

Consider our magazines their main coupon source*

91 percent use 3 or more coupons per issue

Use 3 or more coupons per issue*

75 percent keep their magazines more than 2 weeks

Keep their magazines more than 2 weeks*

*Publication readership statistics based on readership poll Excerpted from The Media Audit 2010 National Report
**Advertising Readership & Response Tracking Study. IPSOS Custom Studies. December 2015